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Melissa Giraldo Will Set the Phax Straight

bikini melissa-giraldo

I’ve never heard of Melissa Giraldo or Phax swimwear, but I sure like the photos from their recent photoshoot. Both come from the country of Colombia. I’ve seen quite a few Colombian models lately. Is Colombia giving Brazil a run for their money? Who has the hotter models?

melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-001.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-002.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-004.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-005.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-006.jpg
melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-007.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-010.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-011.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-012.jpg melissa-giraldo-phax-swimwear-013.jpg