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Micaela Schaefer Sexy Weigh-In

micaela schaefer lingerie

Michaela Schaefer is doing a sexy weigh-in for some kind of celebrity boxing event in Dusseldorf, Germany. I just hope she didn’t mess up that beautiful face and body of hers.

Micaela Schaefer Is a Sexy Skater on Ice

micaela schaefer thong

We posted a few photos of German beauty Micaela Schaefer in FHM earlier this year. Here she is again at a Holiday on Ice event in a thong outfit. It’s a good thing she’s wearing that outfit because it’s the only way anyone would feel like watching a ice skating event.

micaela-schaefer-holiday-on-ice-1.jpg micaela-schaefer-holiday-on-ice-2.jpg micaela-schaefer-holiday-on-ice-4.jpg micaela-schaefer-holiday-on-ice-5.jpg micaela-schaefer-holiday-on-ice-6.jpg

Micaela Schaefer in FHM

micaela schaefer fhm

Micaela Schaefer is pretty popular with the celebrity blogs.  It’s kind of surprising that she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page with all her info.  All I can really tell you about her is that she was born in 1983 in Germany.  I’m sure all you really care about are her juicy photos anyway.  You can click the link below to see more.

micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-1.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-2.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-3.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-4.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-5.jpg
micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-6.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-7.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-8.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-9.jpg micaela-schaefer-FHM-germany-10.jpg