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Michelle in Cosmopolitan

michelle muse cosmopolitan

If you thought that I left out the model’s last name in the title of the post, you’re right. But it’s not because she’s one of those people who go by their first name like Madonna, Beyonce, etc. It’s because her last name wasn’t listed on the credits on the photos. All I know is her name is Michelle and she’s a model for the Muse agency.

German Singer Michelle in Her Bikini

Meet German singer Michelle. Michelle is her stage name because it’s easier to pronounce and less vulgar than Tanja Shitawey (née Hewer). Changing her name was probably a good choice. I’m not sure it’s helped her career though. I haven’t heard her music, but I’ve added a video below if you’re interested in listening to her. I’ll let you be the judge of her music.