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Michelle Trachtenberg is Sexy in Maxim

Michelle Trachtenberg Hot in Maxim

Michelle Trachtenberg has a new movie coming out called Take Me Home Tonight.  And she wants you to know it!  She wants you to know it so much that she decided to take her clothes off in Maxim for you.  Michelle was self-conscious as a young girl about her body, but has absolutely no reason at all to worry about what her friends think now.  Michelle discussed how she feels about her upcoming spread:

“Oh, goodness! It’s exciting. I know that everyone at my high school who used to torture me and bully me is going to get a copy of it, so I’m thrilled! That’s going to be really exciting.” –read more

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Michelle Trachtenberg squeezing boobs together Michelle Trachtenberg sticking out chest

Photo Credit: Maxim

Michelle Trachtenberg Maxim Video:

Michelle Trachtenburg Smiles

I don’t know why, but there’s something about Michelle Trachtenburg that gets better with age.  For some reason I used to think she was kind of ugly.  Maybe my taste has changed or maybe it’s that nice bright smile.  I guess she’s been brushing her teeth…with Crest.