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Michelle Williams in GQ

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Michelle Williams showed off her sexy curves as Maryilyn Monroe in the upcoming February issue of GQ.  You can see Michelle as Marilyn in the recently released movie My Week with Marilyn. I didn’t think that she made a very good Marilyn Monroe when I first saw her, but after seeing these photos my mind has changed. Michelle should really think about mimicking the 1953 Playboy spread that Marilyn did for her next photoshoot. Here’s a small snippet from her interview with GQ:

Michelle Williams on her education, and how she ended up being home-schooled (a better fit with her acting work):
Her last formal school was Santa Fe Christian in San Diego; later its principal would denounce Williams after she appeared in Brokeback Mountain. (“Michelle doesn’t represent the values of this institution,” he said. “She made the kinds of choices of which we wouldn’t approve.”) “It didn’t really bother me,” she says, when I allude to this.
No twinge, I ask, when you suddenly found out that you’d been living a sinful, artistic career?
“It wasn’t any surprise to me,” she says. “I knew. I remember my mother saying to me at one point, ‘Just don’t make anything your grandmother couldn’t see.’ And at that point I knew I was living a sinful artistic career, because I had done, and I knew I would do.” – read more

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