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Naomi Watts and Milla Jovovich in Fotogramas

naomi watts underwear

Here are Naomi Watts and Milla Jovovich in Fotogramas magazine. I thought maybe they were promoting the same movie, but it looks like that’s not the case. Naomi has 5 movies in production right now, while Milla is still trying to keep her acting career going with her Resident Evil series. I guess we know which actress Hollywood likes more…it happens to be the one on the cover of the magazine. Naomi>Milla?

milla-jovovich-fotogramas-spain-1.jpg milla-jovovich-fotogramas-spain-2.jpg naomi-watts-fotogramas-spain-1.jpg naomi-watts-fotogramas-spain-2.jpg naomi-watts-fotogramas-spain-3.jpg

Milla Jovovich Hits Up the Beaches of Hawaii

Milla Jovovich Walking Hawaii Beach

Milla Jovovich and her man walk the beaches of Hawaii.  Milla could definitely use the sun to give her pale skin some color.  However, she decided to cover her whole body with a big hat and baggy shirt.  Boooooo!  Lets see some bikini photos.

Milla Jovovich legs on beach Milla Jovovich sandy beaches of Hawaii Milla Jovovich sunbathing

Photo Credit: Glamour

Milla Jovovich Nude and Topless

I don’t really see the fascination with Milla Jovovich, but Milla Jovovich nude photos are always good.  Even if she does have tiny boobies.  Here she is in Purple magazine.

Milla Jovovich Maxim Photos

Milla Jovovich is the type of girl that can look ultra sexy or kind of ugly depending on the photos taken of her.  Well, these photos happen to be on the ultra sexy side, but would I really do a post about Milla if she was looking all beat up and crack whoreish.  I think not.  Here are Milla Jovovich Maxim photos from the September 2009 spread.