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Morena Baccarin In Her Underwear for Esquire

morena baccarin esquire

Chances are good that you’ve seen Morena Baccarin somewhere on television before. She’s had a role or appeared on a bunch of shows and tv movies. Her most recent show is Homeland, but she’s also had parts on shows like The Good Wife, Mentalist, V, Medium and the list goes on. So if these photos from Esquire aren’t enough, I suggest you re-visit some of her older tv appearances. I’m guessing she’s had to have had a love scene in one of her roles.

morena-baccarin-esquire-1.jpg morena-baccarin-esquire-2.jpg morena-baccarin-esquire-3.jpg morena-baccarin-esquire-4.jpg morena-baccarin-esquire-5.jpg