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Naomi Watts and Milla Jovovich in Fotogramas

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Here are Naomi Watts and Milla Jovovich in Fotogramas magazine. I thought maybe they were promoting the same movie, but it looks like that’s not the case. Naomi has 5 movies in production right now, while Milla is still trying to keep her acting career going with her Resident Evil series. I guess we know which actress Hollywood likes more…it happens to be the one on the cover of the magazine. Naomi>Milla?

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Naomi Watts To Play Princess Dianna

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Source: Reuters

Naomi Watts will star as Princess Diana in “Caught in Flight,” Ecosse Films said on Thursday.

The announcement is a surprise as early reports had “The Help” actress Jessica Chastain playing “Shy Di” in the biopic.

Watts spent her teenage years in Australia and got her career started there, but was born in England, meaning that one of the United Kingdom’s greatest icon’s will be played by an actress with roots in the country. Chastain, talented though she may be, hails from Northern California. – read more


Naomi Watts Blows Bubbles in DT

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Naomi Watts has had roles in 3 movies so far in 2011 and 2012 is looking to be a productive year as well. She has 4 movies already in production for 2012 and has just added another. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon have been set to star in Sunlight Jr., an indie drama that has just begun principal photography in southern Florida. – read more

Now that she has all of that baby stuff out of the way she’s ready to get back to her productive acting career. But with all of those movies, let’s just hope that she can keep it a quality acting career as well. I’m not so sure though if she’s doing a movie with Matt Dillon?

naomi-watts-dt-1.jpg naomi-watts-dt-2.jpg naomi-watts-dt-3.jpg naomi-watts-dt-4.jpg naomi-watts-dt-5.jpg

Naomi Watts’ Moving Day in NYC

You would think Naomi Watts has a pretty normal family life. She lives in NYC, takes a cab (not a limo), she even moves her own furniture. But then you realize that you’re looking at photos that the paparazzi has taken as they have followed her every move all day long.

Naomi Watts at the Beach

I miss the good old days when Naomi Watts looked like this. She’s still a milf, but these one-piece mom swimsuits just don’t do her justice.