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Nicole Richie in Glamour

nicole richie glamour

Do people still give a sh*t about Nicole Richie? Maybe she did something in the UK that I don’t know about because they gave her a spread in Glamour. Oh, it’s because they really love her hair. I guess they get tired of looking at people like Prince William and his male pattern baldness head, just like Justin Bieber did. I always thought British people had problems with their teeth, not their hair.

Nicole Richie in Flare

nicole richie flare cleavage

Why is Nicole Richie still relevant? I don’t know, but maybe Canadians know something we don’t. Here she is in a recent issue of Flare (Canada).

Nicole Richie Bikini Photos from Mexico

Nicole Richie spent some time with Lindsay Lohan’s ex (Samantha Ronson) and other friends as she vacationed in Mexico for her 30th birthday. Here are the two near the beach in their bikinis. Where’s Lindsay at?