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Ola Jordan Has Big Balloons

ola jordan lingerie

Here is Polish dancer Ola Jordan (no relation to Michael Jordan, lol). She had fun playing with big balloons for a recent lingerie photoshoot. Ola may not be able to shoot a jump shot like MJ, but she sure has some athletic skills on the dance floor. Check out the video below.

Ola Jordan in Lingerie

ola jordan lingerie

I don’t know anything about British Polish hottie Ola Jordan, but I like her like her lingerie photos.

That’s right mother f-ers…She’s Polish.

ola-jordan-bouxavenue-lingerie-1.jpg ola-jordan-bouxavenue-lingerie-2.jpg ola-jordan-bouxavenue-lingerie-3.jpg ola-jordan-bouxavenue-lingerie-4.jpg ola-jordan-bouxavenue-lingerie-5.jpg