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Olcay Gulsen Bikini Photos

olcay gulsen bikini

Dutch fashion designer Olcay Gulsen showed that in addition to being a designer, she could be a (mature) bikini model too.  Here’s a little more about her:

Olcay Gulsen’s parents are Kurds who immigrated from Turkey to the Netherlands before she was born. In 2002, Olcay Gulsen graduated from her Human Resource course. After graduation she moved to Amsterdam to start her first company, a HRM agency called Chill Agency, at the age of 21. She went on to start her second company named 2Stepzahead, importing international fashion brands. This gave her the opportunity to take on her third and biggest project to date: a fashion brand named SuperTrash. Starting with the licences for the European market, Gulsen made a thriving business by creating a widespread brand awareness and an extensive network of Supertrash retailers. Wanting to expand Supertrash even further, Olcay took over the whole brand in 2009. Gulsen is known and appreciated for her out of the box mentality, creating big brand awareness by using social media and collaborations with other brands. In 2010, Supertrash is sold in 24 countries in Europe and America. Starting July 2011 Gulsen launched her very own label called ‘Olcay Gulsen’ with the first collection consisting of luxurious, minimalistic evening dresses. Gulsen launched this collection on ShopBop in August 2011. – Wikipedia

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