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Olga Kurylenko in IO Donna

olga kurylenko

I’m not sure why we’ve been seeing more of Olga Kurylenko than usual? She was in a bikini last week in Miami and now here she is in IO Donna magazine and at a Toronto Film Festival event. Maybe it’s because she out doing a promotional tour for the upcoming movie Seven Psychopaths?

olga-kurylenko-IO-Donna-Italy-1.jpg olga-kurylenko-IO-Donna-Italy-2.jpg olga-kurylenko-tiff-1.jpg olga-kurylenko-tiff-2.jpg olga-kurylenko-tiff-3.jpg

Seven Psychopaths Trailer:

Olga Kurylenko Wore a Bikini in Miami

olga kurylenko bikini miami

Some of you may recognize Olga Kurylenko from the Bond film Quantum of Solace. That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve seen her in. However, she has been busy in 2012 completing 3 movies and 1 that’s in post-production. So if the movies are any good, chances are you’ll be seeing on the big screen again soon. But for now you can enjoy her bikini photos from Miami.

Olga Kurylenko hot in black bikini at the beach in miami Olga Kurylenko is sexy nice little butt on Olga Kurylenko Olga Kurylenko covered but see through to bikini

Olga Kurylenko Flaunts Her Stuff

olga kurylenko flaunt

Here are a few black and white photos of Olga Kurylenko in Flaunt magazine. Most people know Olga as the Bond Girl from Quantum of Solace in 2008. She has recently made a name for herself in Hollywood the past few years and will soon be starring alongside Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman in the upcoming movie Oblivion.

olga-kurylenko-flaunt-1.jpg olga-kurylenko-flaunt-2.jpg olga-kurylenko-flaunt-3.jpg olga-kurylenko-flaunt-4.jpg olga-kurylenko-flaunt-5.jpg

Olga Kurylenko and Her Tropical Beach Style

olga kurylenko beach bikini

Ukrainian born model and actress Olga Kurlenko wore a sexy swimsuit for this photoshoot with InStyle. She may have been born in a former communist country of the Soviet Union, but I think she fits in better on the communist beaches of Cuba. I’m sure Fidel Castro won’t mind.

olga-kurylenko-instyle-1.jpg olga-kurylenko-instyle-2.jpg olga-kurylenko-instyle-3.jpg olga-kurylenko-instyle-4.jpg olga-kurylenko-instyle-5.jpg