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Paula Patton in Maxim (Australia)

paula patton maxim

Paula Patton has been acting for several years, but her biggest role came in 2011 as Jane Carter in the movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. She’s been working on one movie so far in 2012 called Disconnect which is in post-production. Other notable actors in the film include Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgard.

Paula Patton in See-Through Spandex

paula patton see thru spandex

Has anyone seen the new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Yeah, me neither. I heard it was pretty good. I also heard that Paula Patton kicks some ass in the movie.  Oh, and speaking of ass, check out her ass wearing some see-thru spandex as she prepares herself for a workout.  Is she wearing underwear?

Paula Patton in Complex

paula patton complex

If you don’t know who Paula Patton is (like me), chances are that you’ll probably be seeing more of her soon. Paula can be seen in the soon to be released Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. These new Complex photos and movie trailer should hold you over until the movie releases on Decemeber 21st…or not.

paula-patton-complex-1.jpg paula-patton-complex-2.jpg paula-patton-complex-4.jpg paula-patton-complex-5.jpg paula-patton-complex-6.jpg