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Pixie Lott Lipsy Photoshoot

Pixie Lott got dressed up for a photoshoot for Lipsy.  Who is she trying to impress in these photos…Prince Harry?  According to, Pixie said:

‘I’ve always wanted to be a princess and Harry seems to be a bit naughty. I just need to meet him now,’ said Pixie. – read more

Pixie Lott near upskirt Pixie Lott swimsuit Pixie Lott short shorts
Pixie Lott legs

Pixie Lott Wears a Short Little Skirt for Kids

How do they choose who to invite to the Kids Choice Awards? It couldn’t be based on being a good role model for kids considering they let people like Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus in the show. It’s gotta be a bunch of dirty old men that own Nickelodeon who pick the guests. I mean who else would come up with that slime idea?

pixie lott short skirt pixie lott kids choice

Katy Perry Gets Slimed:

Pixie Lott Goes Sunbathing in a Bikini

Pixie Lott bikini in Los Angeles

English pop singer Pixie Lott was spotted in a bikini while in Los Angeles.  Pixie was taking a break from the new album she has been working on and what a better way to do it than in the California sunshine.

Pixie Lott crotch shot Pixie Lott bikini butt Pixie Lott nice ass

Pixie Lott sex act

Pixie Lott Birthday Upskirt Photos

Pixie Lott birthday upskirt photos

Pixie Lott must have taken lessons from Emma Watson on how to pose for upskirt photos on her birthday.  Pixie Lott turned 20 on January 12th and celebrated her birthday hitting up the club scene in London.

Pixie Lott black panties and upskirt Pixie Lott upskirt in London Pixie Lott upskirt and knickers
Pixie Lott covering her upskirt Pixie Lott long legs and skirt Pixie Lott at a club in London Pixie Lott in London

Pixie Lott Is a Sexy Tiger

I’m not sure if Pixie Lott realizes that Halloween was a couple months ago.  But who cares, she’s one sparkly sexy tiger!

Pixie Lott tiger Pixie Lott sexy tiger cleavage Pixie Lott boobies Pixie Lott nightclub Pixie Lott London party

Pixie Lott Shows Her Undies

Is that a Pixie Lott upskirt I see?  Well yes it is.  I guess Pixie is a popular singer somewhere, but I’ve yet to hear any of her music.

Pixie Lott upskirt Pixie Lott hides upskirt Pixie Lott upskirt with blue panties Pixie Lott turquoise panties Pixie Lott panty peek
Pixie Lott dress Pixie Lott black dress Pixie Lott walking

Pixie Lott and Her Girlfriend in a Bikini

I don’t know much about singer Pixie Lott so I’m not sure if this is her lesbian girlfriend or just one of her BFF’s that she’s getting frisky with.  One thing is for sure, it looks like they’re having a good time in the pool and hot tub and I wouldn’t mind watching.  Fun times in Marbella, Spain.  If she’s not a lesbian then maybe she’s bi-sexual because she talks about her encounter with Justin Bieber in Sugar Magazine:

“I did a TV show with Justin Bieber recently. He is a little cutie. I went looking for him before the show to introduce myself and he was in his dressing room. It was full of people and I was like, ‘Hiiiii!’ He was so nice and friendly but, before you ask, no he didn’t flirt with me!”

Pixie Lott frisky with lesbian girlfriend Pixie Lott hot tub action Pixie Lott bikini photos
Pixie Lott bikini in Marbella Pixie Lott walking with lesbian Pixie Lott talking with girlfriend in Marbella Pixie Lott ass photo in bikini
Pixie Lott hot bikini photos Pixie Lott kissing lesbian girlfriend Pixie Lott and girlfriend makeout in Marbella