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Pollyanna Woodward’s Racy 2013 Calendar

pollyanna woodward calendar

It’s that time of year and 2013 calendars are coming out left and right. With all the selections of calendars it’s going to be tough to make a decision which one to get for your wall. Here’s a suggestion: the 2013 Pollyanna Woodward Calendar. It makes a nice wall decoration, but I still prefer the digital version that I can carry on my phone in my pocket.

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Pollyanna Woodward Sure Is Loaded

pollyanna woodward  lingerie

Pollyanna Woodward is best known for her role on the British television show The Gadget Show. However, you won’t be seeing a single gadget in her spread in Loaded. Unless of course she has some kind of gadgets implanted in her giant breasts.

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Pollyanna Woodward in FHM (UK)