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Rashida Jones Gets Leggy in Malibu

Rashida Jones in Malibu

Rashida Jones gets a little leggy in the new issue of Malibu magazine. You may recognize Rashida from such TV shows as The Office and Parks and Recreation, but did you know that she almost gave up acting to to pursue a graduate degree in public policy? She talked about her career before getting a spot on NBC’s The Office in a recent article with Los Angeles Times:

About five years ago, Rashida Jones was seriously mulling a departure from acting. She had gone from a flourishing stage career at Harvard University to one unrewarding audition after another in New York, and she was tired of the grind. She decided to pursue a graduate degree in public policy. – read more

Can you imagine Rashida Jones using her degree in public policy? Yeah me neither.  I wonder if she ever gave any tips to former California Governor Arnold Achwarzenegger because he sure needed them?

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Rashida Jones Could Be Hot

Rashida Jones is one of those chicks that could be hot if she tried.  But in her case she’s always wearing unattractive or too much clothing.  Take these photos for example, Rashida had the potential to do a smoking hot bikini photoshoot, but instead she chose to wear her grandma’s clothes.  I don’t think we’ll ever get a Maxim photoshoot out of her.

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