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15 Random Photos of Rosamund Pike

jack reacher rosamund pike

Here are 15 random photos of actress Rosamund Pike. You can check her out in the new Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise. That’s if you can still take Tom Cruise’s movies seriously. I personally find it hard to watch Tom Cruise in anything after his whole Katie Holmes escapade. You know, where he was jumping on couches and everything. Oh yeah, there’s that Scientology thing too. But who knows, maybe this movie is good?

rosamund-pike-arena-1.jpg rosamund-pike-bafta-london-1.jpg rosamund-pike-harpers-bazaar-1.jpg rosamund-pike-instyle-1.jpg rosamund-pike-instyle-2.jpg
rosamund-pike-jack-reacher-london-1.JPG rosamund-pike-jack-reacher-london-2.JPG rosamund-pike-jack-reacher-london-3.JPG rosamund-pike-Lionel-Deluy-1.jpg rosamund-pike-Lionel-Deluy-2.jpg
rosamund-pike-mark-maccartney-1.jpg rosamund-pike-nylon-1.jpg rosamund-pike-observer-1.jpg rosamund-pike-samsung-note-london-1.jpg rosamund-pike-samsung-note-london-2.jpg

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