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Roselyn Sanchez is Sexy in Esquire

Roselyn Sanchez Esquire magazine

Roselyn Sanchez has a pretty big latin following. Unfortunately for her, she was never really able to get any legitimate leading roles in Hollywood. That’s why she has maintained her D-List celebrity rating for the past decade appearing in such films as Boat Trip, Chasing Papi and The Game Plan. If she wants to give her career a boost then she should do a sex tape. Maybe a instructional oral sex video?

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Photo Credit: Esquire

Roselyn Sanchez Teaches Oral:

Roselyn Sánchez Topless in Complot

Roselyn Sánchez Panties and Topless in Complot

If you don’t speak Spanish this post might not be for you. First of all, you may have never heard of the sexy Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez. Secondly, Complot is a Spanish magazine and Roselyn speaks Spanish in the video. But who am I kidding, you don’t even need to know how to speak to look at these photos. I just wish there were more photos and they were higher quality.

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Photo Credit: Complot

Roselyn Sanchez Complot Video:

Roselyn Sanchez: Sexy Miami Mamí

Roselyn Sanchez Sexy Hot in Miami

Here’s sexy Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez at Telefutura Studios in Miami. Roselyn is one of 13 Hispanic Actresses To Reopen Iconic Theater in Miami:

“After several months of being closed to the public, the iconic Trail Theater, located in the Calle 8 and 37th Avenue neighborhood in Miami, will open its doors once again through the month of January. It will be under the management of Catarsis productions and owned by Colombian actress Marisol Correa, and her partner, entrepreneur Jorge Angulo.” – read more

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