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Rosie Jones in Underwear

rosie jones underwear

I’m still trying to figure out why Rosie Jones decided to do an underwear photoshoot? She’s posed topless about a thousand times already and I would think they’d pay more for those photos. Well either way, topless or not, Rosie stills looks beautiful as usual in her Simply Beach (where’s the beach?) photoshoot. If you’re craving her topless photos, click this link.

rosie-jones-simply-beach-1.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-2.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-3.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-4.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-5.jpg
rosie-jones-simply-beach-6.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-7.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-8.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-9.jpg rosie-jones-simply-beach-10.jpg

Sexy Rosie Jones Outtake Photos

rosie jones topless

Most of us have seen Rosie Jones topless hundreds (possibly thousands) of times, but I don’t think I can ever get tired of ‘admiring’ her perfect breasts. Here are a few outtakes from a recent photoshoot she did.

rosie-jones-outtakes-1.jpg rosie-jones-outtakes-2.jpg rosie-jones-outtakes-3.jpg rosie-jones-outtakes-4.jpg rosie-jones-outtakes-5.jpg

Rosie Jones Shows Her Bare Butt

rosie jones butt naked

Holy smokes! Rosie Jones isn’t posing topless? I guess it’s because she isn’t taking photos for all of those British mags. This time it’s for FHM (France). Maybe the French prefer bare butts over bare boobies?