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Sarah Jessica Parker Bikini Photos from Spa & Resort

Despite the fact that everyone mistakes Sarah Jessica Parker for a horse, she is living the good life and laughing in all the hater’s faces.  Here she is at a relaxing spa and resort getting her hoofs manicured.  And when she’s not spending her free time at luxurious spas, she’s chillin’ in her new $19 million dollar barn townhouse.

…the power couple recently ended their three year hunt and allegedly plunked down $18.995 million for a townhouse at 20 East 10th Street.

Located in Greenwich Village, the townhouse in question is 165 years old and done up in the Greek Revival style. The Daily News dug up a listing for the renovated property that includes fourteen rooms, five bedrooms, seven wood-burning fireplaces, and a mega security system with five security cameras. – read carders

Life’s good when you’re a horse.  Wiiiiilllbbburr!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Elle

What is it with Elle and washed up old women?  First Jennifer Lopez and now Sarah Jessica Parker.  Don’t they realize that old wrinkly women don’t sell?  But wait, maybe that’s their target audience isn’t it?

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Sarah Jessica Parker stupid hat Sarah Jessica Parker posing on couch Sarah Jessica Parker dumb sunglasses