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Comic Con Battle: Sarah Shahi vs. Chloe Bennet

Comic Con Battle: Sarah Shahi vs. Chloe Bennet


Sarah Shahi in Her Thong for Maxim

sarah shahi yellow thong

Sarah Shahi topped Maxim’s 2012 ‘TV’s Hottest Girls‘ list and in case you were wondering which tv show she’s actually in, it’s called Fairly Legal and it’s on the USA network. In this upcoming issue of Maxim, Sarah talks about her new show and the famous blow job role in Old School:

“Well, in one of my scenes, my character attends a blow-job class, and being the Method actress that I thought I was, I went ahead and took a blow-job class myself because I wanted to be really good in the scene,” she revealed, adding that she couldn’t help getting a peek at Ferrell in “all his naked, hairy glory” during some scenes.
“My eyes were drawn to him like a moth to flame,” she said. “I couldn’t not look.”

Sarah Shahi in American East

Sarah Shahi is Feuding With Paris Hilton

So according to E! Online, Sarah Shahi is feuding with Paris Hilton.  Sarah was almost run over by Paris and expressed her dislike towards her on Twitter, she tweeted:

“Paris Hilton—horrible excuse for a human being,” Shahi went on to tweet. “What an irresponsible person…what a lame existence. I wouldn’t be as pissed if I wasn’t a mom.” – read more

Yeah I know, who really cares?  If there were a video of the two duking it out I’d want to see it, but I could care less about the Twitter wars.  Let’s see them settle their differences in a mud wrestling ring!

Sarah Shahi See-Through Nipple Peek in New York Moves

Sarah Shahi See-Through in New York Moves

Sarah Shahi has a new tv series out called Fairly Legal which launched earlier this year. I haven’t checked out the show, but if she looks anything like she does in these photos I may have to tune in.  If the show is as good as the Examiner.com review than it may be something I’ll have to DVR:

Sarah Shahi is beautiful, vivacious, energentic and completely addicting as mediator…

Check out a couple of new video clips from the show on Examiner.com – Read more

Sarah Shahi nipples see-thru Sarah Shahi beautiful booty Sarah Shahi sexy panties

Photo Credit: New York Moves

Sarah Shahi’s Newest Video Blog Entry:

Sarah Shahi’s Topless Twitter Photos

Sarah Shahi Topless Twitter Photos

Sarah Shahi is one of the few lucky people who get to attend the Super Bowl this year in Dallas.  However, she probably won’t know what the heck she’s watching.  Sarah recently Tweeted:

“Help. I know nothing about football. What can I say to sound impressive tomorrow?”

Well, we might not be lucky enough to attend the Superbowl like her, but at least we get to see Sarah Shahi topless. I know she didn’t completely expose her naked body, but close enough.

Sarah Shahi naked and topless Sarah Shahi bra and panties Sarah Shahi tight jeans Sarah Shahi sexy tummy
Sarah Shahi photoshoot Sarah Shahi makeup Sarah Shahi furry hat Sarah Shahi short shorts

Sarah Shahi Plays the Piano in Her Panties

Sarah Shahi is a Panty Piano Player

Sarah Shahi gets intimate in her new portraits for the Esquire: Me in My Place collection.  Sarah lets you come into her place and shows you how to the play the piano…and her Harry Potter library?

“My goal of making it isn’t an Oscar; it isn’t any of those things. It’s to have a giant Harry Potter library. That’s what I want. If I can have a house that can have that kind of a library in it, then I feel like I’ve made it. I just want nothing but plush couches and a huge shaggy carpet and a fireplace with a bar in that room, and then books — floor-to-ceiling. That’s what I want.”

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Sarah Shahi doggystyle Sarah Shahi playing piano in panties Sarah Shahi bra and underwear
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Sarah Shahi bra and underwear see more photos

Photo Credit: Esquire