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Sarah Silverman Gets Wrecked

sarah-silverman-wrecked boobs

Here is Sarah Silverman showing off a little cleavage for the kids at the Wreck It Ralph premiere in Sydney, Australia. Sarah plays the voice of Vanellope in the movie. I don’t think we get to see any animated cleavage from Vanellope, but at least we get to enjoy Sarah’s.

Video – Wreck It Ralph Trailer

Sarah Silverman’s Slightly See-Through Top

It’s kind of surprising we haven’t had a post for Sarah Silverman before.  She’s no supermodel or anything, but for a comedian she’s not bad and I seem to recall her wearing some pretty skimpy outfits for some photoshoots in the past.  Anyhow,  I’ve never seen the show, but Sarah Silverman is appearing on CBS’s The Good Wife on May 10.  The episode plot involves:

“Alicia, Diane and Will defend Stephanie Engler (Silverman), the owner of an adultery website, when one of her users is murdered. However, the civil case turns criminal when the murder is pinned on Stephanie.” – read more

Sarah Silverman see-through Sarah Silverman see-thru Sarah Silverman see through shirt
Sarah Silverman near upskirt Sarah Silverman side boob