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Serena Williams and Her Giant Booty

There were rare humpback whale sightings of the coast of Miami Beach over the weekend.  Wait. Sorry…it was just Serena Williams’ gigantic booty splashing in the water.

serena williams giant ass

Serena Williams Takes Giant Booty to Miami

Serena Williams took to the beaches of Miami for swimming and fun in the sun.  She’d never have to worry about drowning with the floatation devices she’s got on her rear.  They should take her to Cuba and let the illegals use her ass as their raft.  Viva la freedom!

Serena Williams fat booty Serena Williams giant ass in bikini Serena Williams on Miami beach

Serena Williams’ Gigantic Junk

As you can tell by these photos Serena Williams is packing some serious junk in the trunk.  I think Jamie Foxx once called it “A weapon of mASS destruction”.  There is no doubt that her ass can cause some destruction wherever it is used.  I hope the beach goers in Miami were on the lookout for tsunami waves when she entered the water.