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Shanina Shaik Bikini Booty Photos for Victoria’s Secret

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This wasn’t intentional on my part, but here are just the Shanina Shaik booty shots from her Victoria’s Secret photoshoot. Maybe I lost or overlooked the other photos. Or, maybe Victoria’s Secret just realized how nice Shanina’s booty is and focused on only taking photos of her beautiful backside.

shanina-shaik-vs-001.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-002.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-003.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-004.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-005.jpg
 shanina-shaik-vs-007.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-008.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-009.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-010.jpg
shanina-shaik-vs-012.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-013.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-014.jpg shanina-shaik-vs-015.jpg

Shanina Shaik in Vogue (Australia)

shanina shaik legs

Here’s a quick bio about Aussie model Shanina Shaik:

Shanina Shaik (born 11 February 1991) is a model from Melbourne, Australia.

Shanina’s mother is of Lithuanian and Australian heritage, while her father has Pakistani and Saudi Arabian roots. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia she started modeling when she was 8 years old doing small catalogue gigs for Target and K-Mart, but stopped when she started high school and got accepted into an accelerated program, graduating a year before her classmates. People kept telling her to model, so at fifteen she entered the Girlfriend Model Competition, the same contest Abbey Lee Kershaw won years ago, but Shaik didn’t get very far. While agents were interested in her, she was too young to move to Sydney and nothing was happening in Melbourne, modeling-wise, so she went on to participate on the Australian reality show, Make Me A Supermodel, ending runner-up to Rhys Uhlich. – Wikipedia

shanina-shaik-vogue-australia-1.jpg shanina-shaik-vogue-australia-2.jpg shanina-shaik-vogue-australia-3.jpg shanina-shaik-vogue-australia-4.jpg shanina-shaik-vogue-australia-5.jpg