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Shenae Grimes in Nylon

shenae grimes nylon

If you don’t know who Shenae Grimes is then you don’t watch the most awesomest show in the world 90210 (just kidding). They do provide a lot of bikini photos for this site, however. Thanks 90210 producers. Keep those bikini scenes coming.

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Shenae Grimes Tight Ass Shorts

Seem like tonight is a lot of posts of a bunch of not too well known celebs. Not that it matters. Just as long as they’re hot right? Here’s one that is probably not too familiar to you. Her name is Shenae Grimes. I had to look her up. Currently starring in the new “90210” show. I guess the first show wasn’t good enough so they had to go and make another. I wouldn’t say that Shenae Grimes super hot or anything, but that ass definitely looks super in those tight ass shorts!