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How Did Sophia Bush Get Into Those Jeans?

tight jeans sophia-bush

Wow, those are some tight ass jeans (no pun intended) on Sophia Bush! I wonder if they are real or if she just airbrushed them on before she left the house? It had to have taken her at least a half-hour to get them on…and another half-hour to button and zip them.

sophia-bush-tight-001.jpg sophia-bush-tight-002.jpg sophia-bush-tight-003.jpg sophia-bush-tight-004.jpg sophia-bush-tight-005.jpg

Did Sophia Bush Get Rape Treatment?

sophia bush hot rape

I’m not exactly sure why Sophia Bush recently spent the day at the Rape Treatment center in Beverly Hills? Is she a former rape victim? Or, does she just have the perfect name to be the Rape Center representative? For all you serious people out there who take offense to this and think it’s not a laughing matter…it’s a joke! I don’t actually condone rape in anyway. Lighten up! I hope Sophia and her Bush did some actual good for the people (women, men, prison inmates, etc, etc) in the Beverly Hills Center.

sophia-bush-rape-treatment-1.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-2.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-3.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-4.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-5.jpg
sophia-bush-rape-treatment-6.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-7.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-8.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-9.jpg sophia-bush-rape-treatment-10.jpg