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Stacy Keibler Gets Fit for Men

stacy kiebler men

I would love for Stacy Kiebler to show me how to get fit. She could be my personal trainer any day. But unfortunately I don’t think I have the big time Clooney dollars it takes to be able to afford her. That’s why I’ll just read and look at the tips she gives in this issue of Men’s Fitness.

Stacy Keibler Bitch-Slaps Her Butt Grabbers!

stacy keibler booty

It’s no surprise that Stacy Keibler has had her butt grabbed a few times. She has one of the finest asses in the industry (whatever industry that is). However, don’t ever try to do more than look at it because you might just end up as one of those guys that gets “bitch-slapped”.

stacy-keibler-underwear-1.jpg stacy-keibler-underwear-2.jpg stacy-keibler-underwear-3.jpg stacy-keibler-underwear-4.jpg stacy-keibler-underwear-5.jpg

Stacy Keibler at the Beach in Mexico

stacy keibler beach bikini cabo

Where is Stacy Keibler‘s sugar daddy? I don’t see Mr. Clooney anywhere. Is George hard at work making blockbuster movies while Ms. Keibler is out having fun at the beaches in Cabo San Lucas? Supposedly he was with her in Cabo, but he’s nowhere in sight. Maybe he’s just afraid of the water?