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Talita Correa Gets Intimate With Her Lingerie Photos

underwear model talita-correa

underwear model talita-correa

We introduced you to this beautiful Brazilian model back in August when she did a spread for FHM. Her name is Talita Correa and she’s at it again, this time she got a little more intimate with Eberjey Intimates photoshoot. Seriously…are there any ugly women in Brazil? I guess I’ll have to hit the beaches of Rio someday to find out. I’m sure I’ll just randomly bump into Talita and all the other Brazilian supermodels.

Read Talita Correa’s Latest Tweets (If you can speak her language):
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talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-1.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-2.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-3.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-4.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-5.jpg
talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-6.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-7.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-8.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-9.jpg talita-correa-Eberjey-Intimates-10.jpg


Talita Correa and Other in Calendar Video

Talita Correa Is Incredibly Sexy in FHM

talita correa underwear

Yet again, Brazil is pumping out another sexy model for the printing presses (do they still make those?). This time her name is Talita Correa. They’ve got to have supermodel assembly lines down in Brazil or I guess they just pick the models “from the trees in the Amazon”.