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Taylor Momsen Turns 18 Today

Taylor Momsen celebrates her 18th birthday today. Here she is giving one of those infamous raunchy performances in St. Petersburg. Relax guys, there’s no reason to feel guilty anymore. She’s legal!

Taylor Momsen’s Cheeky in Tokyo

I think this is the most clothing that I’ve seen Taylor Momsen wear this year. She almost looks like a respectable young lady on her trip to Japan. Except for that little butt cheek slip.

Taylor Momsen ASSumes the Position

Forget the strip club, if you’re looking for a show, get some tickets to see Taylor Momsen live!  She’s not even 18 yet, so the best is yet to come.  She turns 18 on July 26th, so the nudity at the shows will probably begin in just a few feeks.  Just check out these photos for a teaser.

Taylor Momsen Has Nice Butt Cheeks

Does Taylor Momsen wear anything but black?  Yeah I guess she does when she strips down to her underwear for her live shows.  I can’t tell if she’s wearing any panties here…maybe a thong.  All I know is that she flashed a little bit of butt cheekage.  But that’s nothing compared to the kind of things she does at her live stripshows concerts.

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Taylor Momsen Will F*ck for Satan

Taylor Momsen Fuck For Satan

Here is Taylor Momsen peforming in her bondage outfit that says “I Fuck for Satan” for a show in Toronto, Canada.  We all can guess Taylor is probably going to hell, but I feel like I’m going to hell just for looking at these pictures.

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Taylor Momsen in Her Bra and Panties

Here is Taylor Momsen taking off her clothes and wearing only her bra and panties for the uncensored music video “Make Me Wanna Die”.  This video definitely makes me wanna do something, but “die” is not it.  Some of you may be disappointed by the quality video captures, but hey it’s what I could find.  I also added links to download the video.

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Taylor Momsen Bra and Panties Video Download: