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Vanessa Hudgens Threesome Sex Scene?

vanessa hudgens sex scene

Source: Huffington Post

Vanessa Hudgens shot her very first sex scene and she never wants to do it again.

The 23-year-old actress has a steamy threesome with James Franco and Ashley Benson in the upcoming film “Spring Breakers,” and it may have been too much for her to handle.

“It was very nerve-racking for me,” Hudgens told the Glow magazine (via Just Jared.) “I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.”

Hudgens stars alongside Benson and Selena Gomez, as college students who rob a bank in order to pay or their spring break trip. When the girls are caught they are bailed out by a drug dealer, player by Franco, and find themselves entangled in more than they bargained for. The film, directed by “Kids” screenwriter Harmony Korine, is a huge departure for both Hudgens and Gomez, who until now have stuck with more family-friendly flicks. – read more

Vanessa Hudgens Works Out in the City of Angels

vanessa hudgens tight top

Here is Vanessa Hudgens hitting the gym in Los Angeles and it’s probably a good thing she is because she’s looking a little rounder these days. I’m not calling her fat or anything, she’s just starting to fill out. She’s got the cardio down, she just needs to start lifting a little weight. But for those of you offended by my comments about her physique…suck it, because you come here to look at photos and be judgmental too.

vanessa hudgens in red top and bra i can see vanessa hudgens bra vanessa hudgens leaving a gym in angels vanessa hudgens hot in red
vanessa hudgens done with gym work out tiny shorts on vanessa hudgens did vanessa hudgens just get out of bed

Vanessa Hudgens Stripper Photos

vanessa hudgens stripper

Surprise! I knew we’d see it sooner or later. Vanessa Hudgens is a playing a stripper in an upcoming movie called The Frozen Ground. I’m guessing she was a natural for the part and hardly had to rehearse at all. Here are some screen captures from the trailer of the movie.


Vanessa Hudgens Wore Tight Pants Over the Weekend

vanessa hudgens tight ass

I guess there was an outbreak of SARS in Toluca Lake over the weekend because Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend are wearing masks over their faces for some reason? Maybe she got some new plastic surgery? Who knows the reason? You might not be able to get a good look at Vanessa’s face, but you sure can see her tooshie.

vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-jeans-moving-toluca-5.jpg
vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-yoga-tights-5.jpg

Selena Gomez and Friends Arrested During Spring Break

selena gomez arrested

Obviously Selena Gomez and her friends didn’t get arrested in real life. It’s all a scene acted out for their upcoming movie Spring Breakers. If Lindsay Lohan were in these photos we might have thought differently.

hudgens-benson-arrested-1.jpg selena-gomez-arrested-1.jpg selena-gomez-arrested-2.jpg selena-gomez-arrested-3.jpg selena-gomez-arrested-4.jpg

Vanessa Hudgens Has Credit Card Protection

vanessa hudgens got lip injections

If it weren’t for those tight pants Vanessa Hudgens is wearing you might have noticed that she’s covering her face up with her hand and credit card.  Can you tell what she’s covering up?  Well, if you’re having a hard time figuring it out (hint: it’s not a cold sore). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-1.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-2.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-3.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-4.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-5.jpg
vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-6.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-7.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-8.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-9.jpg vanessa-hudgens-studio-city-10.jpg

Vanessa Hudgens’ Bra Peeks in Hollywood

I wish I knew what the hell was going on in these Vanessa Hudgens photos? It looks like she lost her pants and shirt and for some reason these photos remind me of the crazy Britney Spears photos a few years back.  Isn’t there some kind of crazy Disney curse or something?