Christina Hendricks’ Boobs Go Virtual in New Game

christina hendricks virtual boobs

Some people have said that Christina Hendricks’ boobs are fake. Well, now they actually are. At least they are in the virtual video game world. Christina will be featured as the character Sam Harperin the new Need for Speed: The Run. Christina hasn’t been willing to show her topless breasts in real life yet (proabably because they hang to her knees) so maybe we’ll actually get to see her virtual boobs in the game? That’s if they had the same perverted video game developers as Grand Theft Auto.

christina-hendricks-mens-health-1.jpg christina-hendricks-mens-health-2.jpg christina-hendricks-mens-health-3.jpg christina-hendricks-mens-health-4.jpg christina-hendricks-mens-health-5.jpg

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