Creepy Megan Fox Twin Photos

I don’t know whether or not to be turned on by these photos or be creeped out.  Here’s Megan Fox and her mannequin twin bonding in some strange sexual suggestive photos.  What kind of message or these photos trying to portray.  Sexy or creepy?  In the last photo it looks like she’s ready to go down and eat some mannequin vagina for lunch.

Megan Fox Interview cover Megan Fox kissing mannequin Megan Fox spooning with mannequin twin Megan Fox almost grabbing mannequin's breasts
Megan Fox lesbian sex with mannequin Megan Fox laying down with mannequin Megan Fox doggystyle with mannequin
Megan Fox Megan Fox bondage with mannequin Megan Fox sex position with mannequin

Bonus: Not so creepy photos
Megan Fox red dress cleavage Megan Fox sucking lying down
Megan Fox sexy stare
Megan Fox lying down legs crossed Megan Fox upskirt almost

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