Dating and celebrities

Dating and celebrities
When we think of famous people, we always assume that their celebrity status would make them the most successful people at dating. They have money, a great lifestyle and they are often good looking; so what is there not to desire? Whether it is a famous female singer or the latest actor; most of us ordinary people idealise celebrities; we put them on a pedestal and we can only dream that one day their eyes will gaze through ours. But here is the thing: when we read magazines, we can see that celebrities often divorce and have their hearts broken on a regular basis; so is fame really that good for dating?

Talent is inspiring
We could say that most people are attracted to celebrities because of their looks and money, but the truth is that they represent more than that. Famous people will often work really hard to perfect their craft, and it feels just great to see someone who is passionate about doing what they love. It inspires us, it makes us dream and brings us to that special place in our heads. This is a major factor to why we find famous people so attractive: they go for it and they show you that your dreams can come true if you really desire them… well that is at least how the media portrays them. In reality, everyone has different life circumstances. Some famous people worked hard and came from nothing whilst others just followed along their family’s trade. But either way; they are figures that we love to love and love to hate.

The reality of fame
However, being desired by half of the planet is not always what people really want. Sure a lot of celebrities will enjoy having one adventure after the other, but that can quickly become a lonely place. They travel a lot and they simply don’t have the time to look after their family in a way that a normal person would be able to with a 9 to 5 job. The famous lifestyle results in spending long times alone on the road, and it is therefore no surprise that this loneliness gets filled with naughty adventures with different partners. We actually hear some stories about celebrities using naughty dating websites or even having a few ill-advised webcam chats with their fans (James Franco anyone?). This goes to show that even though people are rich and famous, they still end up trying to meet and fuck on My Sex Hookups and other naughty adult dating platforms. Even though they are at risk of getting caught out by the public eye, they have their needs just like you and me.

A lot of breakups
It is great to be able to date so many people, but the more you date the more you break-up. No matter how rich or even strong of a person you are; those breakups always go straight to your heart. Some ordinary people find it hard to recover from that one heartbreak; so try to have 3 of those every year! You get the idea, money can’t always buy you love. Sure it is probably easier to have one-night-stands when you are famous, but those can get boring and too much of that can lead you into doing things you shouldn’t do. When you really want love and all you get is sex, you still feel empty and that gap needs to be filled somehow. Folding back on sex will satisfy your lust, but leave your love out to dry.

The bottom line
With such hectic life, more celebrities just want to retire out of the public eye so they can have their chance at love. We can’t really blame them, at least we ordinary citizens have the chance to live a more private life. With great fame comes great responsibility, some which are not always wanted.

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