Diane Kruger Topless in GQ Germany

Diane Kruger Topless GQ Germany

Yesterday we posted photos of Diane Kruger in the new GQ.  Well, now we have some more photos of Diane in GQ.  But this time it’s GQ (Germany).  It makes sense considering Diane Kruger is a native of Germany and started her career as a German actress.  However, she has since brought her talents to the U.S. market giving us movies such as Troy, National Treasure and her newest film Unknown.  But even though Diane is starting to gain some fame in the U.S. she’s still not getting recognized everywhere she goes according to a recent article in MonstersandCritics.com:

“Diane Kruger has said that she rarely gets recognised…”

“‘My house in Paris is next door to a university and people think I work there. They constantly ask me directions, ‘Where’s room 405?’ And I’m like, ‘I really don’t know!” – read more

I’m sure many people guys won’t have trouble recognizing her after these GQ photos. At least from the head down.

Diane Kruger bra and panties Diane Kruger topless Diane Kruger ass in thong
Diane Kruger nearly nude

Photo Credit: GQ

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