Did Emma Watson Drop Out of College?

Emma Watson Wears Tights in London

Emma Watson hasn’t been seen on her campus of Brown University lately.  She’s been spotted numerous times attending various promotional events outside of the United States.  Here she is out and about in London.  Did Emma Watson dropout of college or is she just taking a break?  According to NYU Local, there are rumors that Emma may be transferring from her current school of Brown to attend NYU.

…Emma Watson was spotted touring Gallatin two days in a row last week, accompanied by school administration. Given her modeling career, New York would be a logical fit. Apparently, Brown students say that she’s not on campus anymore. That said, we’re fairly confident that if she decides to leave Providence and the Ivy League, it will have been thanks to Gallatin Bingo. – read more

Why would Emma want to go broke by paying for an Ivy League education when she could continue making millions of dollars by acting and modeling?  Like Emma is ever going to use that education for anything.

Emma Watson cameltoe in tights Emma Watson wearing tight spandex Emma Watson tights Emma Watson side butt in tights


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    do i see a camel toe?

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