Did You Spot Candice Swanepoel’s Nipple Ring?

candice swanepoel pierced waldo

It’s a little easier to spot the pierced nipple photo of Candice Swanepoel than finding Waldo in the Where’s Waldo book, but it’s somewhere in the mix of these photos from her recent photoshoots. Here’s a hint: she is topless in the photo.

candice swanepoel with arms crossed candice swanepoel doing ab crunches candice-swanepoel-agua-de-coco-3.jpg candice swanepoel face down ass up candice swanepoel standing in the fridged water
candice swanepoel topless nipple candice swanepoel bikini photoshoot we need leaked candice swanepoel pictures candice-swanepoel-agua-de-coco-11.jpg a sex tape of candice swanepoel coming soon

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