Don’t F With Scarlett Johansson

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Here are a few photos of Scarlett Johansson in F magazine. Don’t worry it’s safe to look at these photos. Unlike having possession of her nude photos. Just ask her hacker. They’re trying to put him in prison for six years. According to TMZ:

The man who hacked nude photos of Scarlett Johansson should be forced to pay the actress $66k for her troubles … at least that’s what the U.S. Government is recommending to the judge in the case.

The government has filed new documents with U.S. District Court in California … in which prosecutors explain how celeb hacker Christopher Chaney should be sentenced for his crimes.

As we previously reported, Chaney pled guilty to 9 hacking-related felonies back in March … after stealing racy photos of several starlets including Mila Kunis.

According to the docs, the gov. believes Chaney should be sentenced to 71 months in prison … and forced to pay restitution to some of his victims … including:

— $7,500 to Christina Aguilera
— $66,179.46 to Scarlett Johansson
— $76,767.35 to actress Renee Olstead

The gov. also believes Chaney should pay $10k to AFTRA Health Fund. – read more

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