Dr. Christine Theiss in FHM

christine theiss fhm germany

Not only could Dr. Christine Theiss beat you at an IQ test, but she could also beat your ass! That’s right, she’s a sexy smart kickboxing MD. Who said all girls that pose for FHM have no talent?  Oh yeah, that was me.  In the famous words of Rick Perry…Oops!

christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-1.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-2.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-3.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-4.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-5.jpg
christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-6.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-7.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-8.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-9.jpg christine-theiss-FHM-Germany-10.jpg

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