Elizabeth Olsen Flaunts Her Hotness

Elizabeth Olsen-Flaunt

Elizabeth Olsen is a bright star at the moment. Many actresses these days are shoved into one type cast. Olsen has managed to avoid that with a diverse and varied portfolio, from horror to drama, action to romance, she is poised to be every young man’s computer background. At only 25 she acts with a grace and intensity that belies her experience. Born the younger sister of the Olsen Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and with two younger siblings and one older brother to boot, she has more than set herself apart from Hollywood royalty.

She has been poised to take the spot light for years, being voted Ask Men’s 94th most desirable woman of 2012. She is an avid Volleyball enthusiast and graduate of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. She also graduated from the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School of New York city.

Hailing from Sherman Oaks California, and starting out as an extra in her sisters movies, her big break was undoubtedly the horror thriller Silent Hill. From there in 2011 she put out a total of three films including her pivotal Martha Marcy May Marlene, in which she plays a damaged young woman trying to escape an abusive cult. This brought her acting chops to the attention of the world and she has been getting increasingly high profile jobs since.

2013 was a busy year for her as she put out roles in four movies. She acted opposite Josh Brolin in Old Boy, and opposite Daniel Radcliff in Kill Your Darlings. Still not quite a household name, that is poised to change. With the remake of Godzilla about to smash into theaters, and her at the female lead, everyone in America is about to know her.

Just recently she released this “Flaunt” Magazine photo spread in the May 2014 issue. With several titillating photos, with a somewhat darker theme than one might be used to in a glamor spread. The spread is artfully done and shows off the darker, yet playful side of our new favorite actress. The photo spread is reminiscent of her look for her biggest role yet which won’t hit theaters until 2015.

Now, she has beat out many other young starlets for one of Marvel’s pivotal female roles, that of Scarlet Witch. Her ‘Flaunt” Magazine May 2014 shoot look was undoubtedly inspired by the look she has donned for this role. Every fan boy on earth is waiting with baited breath to see her in 2015 Avengers 2 The Age of Ultron.

From drama to action, to breaking ground as a new super heroine, Elizabeth Olsen has arrived. She is an acting force to be reckoned with, and we look forward to seeing her in many roles for what promises to be a long and powerful career on the silver screen.

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