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Elle MacPherson Bikini Photos in Sydney

elle macpherson bikini

It looks like Elle MacPherson is trying to make a comeback.  First we saw her working out hard jogging in Sydney and now she’s hanging 10 on the surfboard.  Watch out Cindy Crawford!

elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-1.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-2.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-3.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-4.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-5.jpg
elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-6.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-7.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-8.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-9.jpg elle-macpherson-surfing-sydney-10.jpg


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