Ellen Page and Leo Hit Up London

This is the first Ellen Page post I’ve done.  Probably because she doesn’t go to the beach in a bikini that often.  As you can tell by her pale ghostly skin tone.  She’s a cute girl, but she’s got kind of a not so attractive boyish figure.  She’s still purty though.  She actually reminds me of a younger mini and not so voluptuous version of Jennifer Connelly.  Anyway here she is with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Inception premiere in London.  I’m not a big Leo fan, but he usually makes pretty good movies so I’m sure the movie will be half-way decent.  Plus the CG looks great.

Ellen Page Inception premiere in London Ellen Page black dress London Ellen Page waving to crowd Ellen Page black dress and makeup Ellen Page is mini Jennifer Connelly
Ellen Page threesome at Inception premiere Ellen Page pale black dress Ellen Page posing with Leo Ellen Page walking on carpet London

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