Emma Roberts as the New Scream 5 Heroine?

You would think that 4 Scream movies would be enough.  However, they just keep coming out with more…and it’s not done yet.  There are already rumors afloat that Scream 5 may star Emma Roberts and she may get the leading role in next installment.  Emma played her role well in the Scream 4 and many believe that she’d be a great replacement for Neve Campbell.  New York Post writer Jarett Wieselman says:

Whether or not Emma Roberts ends up taking the “Scream” reigns from Neve Campbell for the fifth installment, this picture (it’s all in the eyes) is doing a good job of selling me on her status as the films new heroine. – read more

I honestly could care less who gets the role.  I just want the “screaming” to stop.

Photo Credit: Glamour

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