Emma Stone’s Legs on Leno

The new Spider Man 4 movie hasn’t even been released yet, but already Emma Stone is preparing herself for the sequels.  Personally, I hate when they switch up casts for movies that had a decent cast to begin with.  They did that with the 90’s version of Batman and boy did the sequels of those movies suck.  The new set of Batman movies starting with Batman Begins doesn’t count because they gave it plenty of time between movies.  That’s not the case with this new Spider Man movie.  They barely waited a couple of years.  How are you going to make a sequel and give the main character role of Peter Parker to an unknown actor (Andrew Garfield)?  Emma must have a lot of faith in the new cast because she has hinted at more Spider Man movies in the future in a recent interview on Leno where she discusses her blonde hair:

“There’s a few Spider-Men, so I may have to keep it for a couple of years.” – read more

Emma Stone blonde Emma Stone legs on leno Emma Stone short skirt
Emma Stone near upskirt Emma Stone legs crossed

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