Emma Watson Running in Tights at JFK

emma watson tights camel

Someone was really in a hurry as she arrived to JFK. Either Emma Watson was running late and had somewhere important to go. Or, she was trying to evade the paparazzi because she knows that they were trying to get ass shots of her in tights. Unfortunately they failed, but they did get some good frontal shots.

emma-watson-tights-jfk.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-1.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-2.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-3.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-4.jpg
emma-watson-tights-jfk-5.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-6.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-7.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-8.jpg emma-watson-tights-jfk-9.jpg


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