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Esquire Puts Brittany Mason in Her Place

underwear brittany-mason

Meet international fashion model Brittany Mason seen here in the new Esquire Me in My Place photoshoot.

Where you’ve seen Brittany Mason before:

  • Sports Illustrated
  • Bebe
  • GQ
  • Elle
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Ferragamo
  • Maxim

Read Brittany Mason’s Latest Tweets:
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brittany-maso-esquire-001.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-002.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-003.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-005.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-006.jpg
brittany-maso-esquire-008.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-010.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-011.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-013.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-014.jpg
 brittany-maso-esquire-016.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-017.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-019.jpg brittany-maso-esquire-020.jpg

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