Eva Amurri in Her Underwear for Maxim

Eva Amurri in Her Panties for Maxim

Do you guys see the resemblance of Eva Ammuri to her mother Susan Sarandon in these photos?  One thing is for sure, Eva definitely resembles her mom in one area.  Her boobs.  Eva must be making  mom and dad proud in these photos for Maxim.  If you don’t think Susan Sarandon is a proud mom, then maybe the fact that she wears her daughter’s teeth around her wrist will convince you.  According to PopEater:

She crafted the personalized bracelet from the pearly whites of daughter Eva Amurri and sons Jack Robbins and Miles Robbins. –read more

Susan may be a proud mother, but wearing teeth as a bracelet is just plain disgusting.  I hope she at least cleaned the cavities out.

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Photo Credit: Maxim

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