Eva Longoria Avoids a Patdown at LAX

Eva Longoria in see-through tights LAX

Somehow Eva Longoria avoided the patdown at the airport this time.  An unlucky day for the TSA.  Look at them drool in the photos.  I guess they could tell that she wasn’t concealing anything in her clothing considering you can see right through it.

eva-longoria-lax-1.jpg eva-longoria-lax-2.jpg eva-longoria-lax-3.jpg eva-longoria-lax-4.jpg eva-longoria-lax-5.jpg
eva-longoria-lax-6.jpg eva-longoria-lax-7.jpg eva-longoria-lax-8.jpg eva-longoria-lax-9.jpg eva-longoria-lax-10.jpg

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