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Eva Longoria in Wet Tights

January 28th, 2013

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Eva Longoria got a little wet getting out of her car in Hollywood. She tried to cover up her head with her sporty Hulu hoodie. Clever product placement? You decide. Why is Hulu making clothing anyway?

eva-longoria-hollywood-001.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-002.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-003.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-004.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-005.jpg
 eva-longoria-hollywood-007.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-008.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-009.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-010.jpg
 eva-longoria-hollywood-012.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-013.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-014.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-015.jpg
eva-longoria-hollywood-017.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-018.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-019.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-020.jpg

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