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Movies are full of characters which have marked us, staying with us for the rest of our lives. This is especially true about the many women we have seen in movies or on television and who have helped our minds defining and shaping our picture of the ideal woman. This process generally started with our mothers and also includes the women we have come into contact when we were young such as our teachers and babysitters. In fact, it is that impression of an older women in our lives which will create men’s universal interest into cougars.

Defining the word cougar

The word cougar is used to describe a mature woman of older age who enjoys the company of younger men as a lifestyle. A typical cougar will be a woman in her 40’s onwards, looking at dating men in their early 20’s. The term cougar comes with the idea that older women are the hunters and their prey are the many younger men available to them. And as seen in many of our favourite movies, our cougars do have quite the appetite for devouring their prey.

A history of movie cougars

The most famous movie cougar of all times is undoubtedly the Mrs Robinson character played by actress Anne Bancroft in the classic movie The Graduate’ (1967). This movie sees a young Dusting Hoffman playing a college graduate who gets seduced by an older woman, only to later fall in love with her daughter. It is during this movie that whilst being charmed by Mrs Robinson, Dustin Hoffman says the classic line: “Mrs Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me aren’t you?”. Furthermore, the classic folk music duo Simon & Garfunkel immortalised this moment with their classic song: “Mrs Robinson”

“The Graduate” was such an influence that it was referred to in our next movie American Pie’ (1999). This teen sex comedy gives an homage to Mrs Robinson with our most well-loved movie cougar character: Stiffler’s mum. Played by actress Jennifer Coolidge, our famous cougar is one of the lead character’s mum who has a voracious appetite for dating her son’s friends, one in particular called Paul Finch. The romance between those two starts in a manner which references The Graduate’s famous scene where Dustin Hoffman gets charmed by Mrs Robinson. Stiffler’s mum is the word for cougar for anyone growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Our final mention goes to the actress Courtney Cox for her role of Jules Cobb in the TV show Cougar Town’ (2009-2015). Here, she plays a divorced woman who decides to find some fun in her dating life; exemplifying the concept of cougar. Courtney Cox’s past roles in the TV show ‘Friends’ and the ‘Scream’ horror franchise have left many 90’s teenagers fantasising on her, and it is this past love for her which makes her the hottest modern television cougar character.

Finding real life cougars

Of course those where just examples of fictional cougars, but there is no fiction without some truth behind it. The cougar dating scene is a growing one, to the point where we can now find specialist dating websites such as mycougardates.com where actual real life cougars post their own profiles, looking for younger men to date them. This is just the case of a fantasy finally come true, and anyone who still lingers on the fantasy of dating Stiffler’s mum would do well to give online cougar dating a try.

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