First Look at Rihanna in April 2011 Vogue

Rihanna Vogue April 2011 Cover

Here’s a first look at the April 2011 Vogue with Rihanna on the cover.  As you can tell it hasn’t even hit the shelves in many places. Which also probably includes the land down under.

Rihanna was recently in Australia to promote her new CD Loud. She talked with Chelsea Handler about her experience in the country and it’s lack of “black people”:

I can’t even front because every time I’m on stage and I see someone black….actually, you notice it. It’s like such a thing to notice because It’s really weird to see black people here. I know it has to do with the history of this country but it really is extraordinary when you see one. There usually, really, really, really dark, which is beautiful but you only see that here.

A Video Clip from the Show:

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